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@sdwa That is exactly why I don’t like watercolour. And I also prefer acrylics. I love being able to paint over it until I am happy with the result. Or even just painting out the whole thing and starting over.

I had my group last night so I wasn’t able to catch the webinar. I couldn’t have anyway because we only have one computer and Husband uses it to chat with his friends and play games in the evening.

I’ll have to take a look at that test. I have taken several career tests and personality tests over the years. The career tests always came up with things that would seem to be a good match except for one little hitch. Like chef, for example. That one came up one time and right away I said to the woman- I think it was a councelor at the college- That would be good, except I wouldn’t be able to keep up and time things properly. Another one was advertising executive. To that I said advertizing yes, executive no, because I can’t plan and schedule things and make decisions. So even then, long before I had thought of ADD or even really knew about it, I already knew that I had it.

I can’t remember what my Briggs Myers result was, except for one thing: “This personality can become weak and ineffectual”. That has always stuck in my mind because it is so very true.

I really liked the Colours/Dinmensions test. It was fun. And it turned out that my colour is Green, but Blue is a very close second, only one or two points between them. And that seemed to shock all of the people at the career center where I took it. It seems a Green/Blue combination is extremely rare. But it makes perfect sense to me so it must be right. Though I think under different circumstances, I could have been Orange. Definitely not Gold. Not in this universe anyway.

I think good self esteem comes from within. Bad self esteem is what is forced upon us from external sources. None of us start out life feeling bad about ourselves. But negative input from parents, teachers, bullies, bad experiences, form those internal thought patterns that convince us that we are no good. The more negative input, the more negative output.

There is a song by Jewel that I like and part of it comes to mind here:

I have this theory, that if we’re told we’re bad

Then that’s the only idea we’ll ever have.

But maybe if we are surrounded in beauty,

One day we will become what we see.

I will start posting some of the material from my group here soon as promised. I just have to go over it and condense it and pick out the relevant parts. Because one of the things I have learned so far is that a lot of the conventional wisdom on self esteem does not apply to people with ADD. That and the facilitators are very poor speakers who don’t seem to have a good grasp on their own material. Though I think that may be a deliberate act to put the rest of us at ease. Anyway, I will post some stuff, later today if possible.