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That is kind of how I feel about the self esteem stuff. All the CBT stuff actually. My therapist annoyed me a lot with all of his “hey it’s a sunny day, you should be happy about that” crap. And trying to turn “negative cognitions” into “positive cognitions” when what I was actually doing was trying to get a fact across to him. When I say “I am never on time” it’s not a negative cognition, it’s a fact. It’s my reality. And it’s something I need real help with, not just  ‘oh, well you were on time today!” Yeah, and 1 in 80 000 people win the lottery too. The other 79 999 don’t.

“Colors” is the American name. Actually, I think it’s something like “what color is your parachute?” Canadians decided that “Colours” wasn’t politically correct and changed it to “Dimensions” Anyway, it divides people into four basic categories:

Green- scientific, analytical, intellectual,innovative

Blue- sensitive, caring,  empathetic, introverted

Orange- Adventurous, athletic, outgoing, extroverted

Gold- Organized, punctual, office worker type

That is only a rough description. I can’t remember the details any more.

Whoops! It’s 2:00 pm! I have got to get going. Just one other thing I wanted to say- I also think my self esteem comes a lot from accomplishments. I don’t see where that is wrong in any way. It’s actually a pretty strong motivator, knowing that doing this is going to make me feel good. And for people who lack any kind of internal motivation that is a huge help.

And one last thing….don’t assume  that your novel is only for your own satisfaction and nothing will ever come of it. You don’t know. It may become a best seller and make you rich and famous. 😉