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@paisia – I am glad that you found my comment helpful. I say whatever works for you, take it and run with it.

@sdwa – That is so cool, that you’re Blue/Green. Very interesting combination. I think in my case blue could have come out on top with green second. I remember there were a few questions that I wavered on, where more than one answer felt right.  And I think it really does describe my personality pretty well. Though I can be compassionate and caring, I can also be very cold and calculating at times.

@Larynxa– I didn’t have any choice in the matter of therapists.  It was what OHIP covers.  I like the guy alright, as a person. As a therapist I’m sure he is okay for most people. And I was originally referred for grief counselling. But since it took a full year to get in the grieving was pretty much over with so it was kind of like okay, now what? I can’t blame him for not really knowing what to do with me. I don’t know what to do with me. But I am starting to get a better idea.

I also think CBT  doesn’t work for me because I’m too practical and realistic. And I see right through it, see it for what it is, which in my opinion is just a delusion. It’s a matter of convincing yourself that you are happy and everything is okay when you aren’t and it isn’t.

You have to deal with what is bothering you, what is making you feel depressed. Life sucks, and some days suck worse than others. But like one of my elderly customers used to say when someone asked him how he was- any day that you wake up is a good day.

I think that should be my daily affirmation. It’s better than any of the ones they gave us last night. I need to paste it on my alarm clock as a reminder. Waking up is better than the alternative.