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I have to sell my house, too.

Wait – did I say that?

I found something really cool – the “Tiny House” movement. People building their own  mini-houses to mount on trailers and drive around, or find a permanent spot for maybe. The idea is that they are very space efficient, involve not owning very much stuff because there’s nowhere to put it, and can be off the grid with solar power, so they are cheap to live in.

I do sprints, too, on most things. Then I run out of steam and forget what was going on.

I lost my job and now I have to look for a new one. I hate job hunting. I hate interviewing. I hate feeling like I’m going around begging people to like me. I wish I could figure out a way to earn a living where I didn’t have to be around anyone – where I could be in my own space, doing my own thing.

I’ve done nothing to clean up my space, and haven’t even got around to getting a wall calendar.