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This is good stuff, since I am thinking of trying to work from home.

I don’t get the whole standing up while working thing. Especially the people who use the treadmill desks. I don’t know how they can do it. I think I would rather sit to do my work with regularly scheduled activity breaks.

I also prefer a large working surface. I feel too cramped if I don’t have enough room to spread things out.  But I will have to watch for clutter. I used to have what could be called “organized clutter” but it descended into complete chaos some time ago. I still have a general idea of what part of the house I might find something in but that’s about it. I can’t have anyone else organize things for me though. I’d never find anything.

Keeping a “fiddle toy” on the desk is a must. Wouldn’t have it any other way. When I had a desk it was home to a Hoberman Sphere, a little wind up robot, silly putty, a mini bubblegum machine, several little monsters/aliens that sat on top of the monitor… Another good fiddle toy is one of those little stress relief balls that you squeeze.

I also recommend a little box full of candy for anyone who doesn’t have to worry about eating too much sugar. I like Nerds because they’re small and flavourful and I can just eat a couple of tiny pieces at a time so I’m not overdoing it. I also like strong mints or mint flavoured gum because the flavour of mint is very stimulating.

Which makes me think of another thing that I would find helpful- fragrance. Having something that smells nice and that you find stimulating (or relaxing) near your desk could help.  For me the smell of my environment has a huge affect on my mood.