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I agree, simple is better. Having fewer details to deal with takes away the stress and makes it easier to get things done.

Sounds a lot like my system, minus the throwing it all in one place and the putting it all together at the end of the year. But things generally just get tossed in a pile somewhere and each somewhere has a general purpose. Really important stuff stays on the coffee table where, theoretically, I will see it and remember to deal with it. Important stuff goes in the filing cabinet. Stuff I want to keep safe goes in the set of plastic drawers underneath the table I use for a desk…..etc.

That is until I have to clean up fast or have other stuff on my mind and everything just gets shoved in a plastic bag or box or whatever. I just finished going through mounds of paper as part of my clean up for Christmas campaign. Threw out an unbelievable amount. The rest is all stuffed in the filing cabinet and drawers now to be sorted after the holidays. And hopefully kept sorted.

I have to agree with earlier comments about having someone else help to organize things being a bad thing. I would be hopelessly lost and hate the way it was set up. I have to do it my own way. And I am actually very good at organizing things. It’s keeping them organized I have a problem with.