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My whole house usually looks like a tornado hit it. Right after it hit a Staples store.

I recently purchased a dry erase board and put it on the wall in my kitchen. I had read a tip in the organization forum about using white boards to replace all the notebooks all over the house. I thought “Hey, that’s a great idea! I have so many note books and I never remember to read them and I’m always losing them. I can write my to-to lists and reminders on a dry erase board instead. It’ll be so much easier!”

While cleaning up over the last couple of weeks I found 3 dry erase boards, all with to-do lists on them, dating back over the last 3 years.

I also bought some post-it notes because I read a lot about using them to jot down reminders. I thought maybe I’d give it a try.

And while cleaning up I also found a pile of old post-it notes, some of them with old reminders jotted down on them.

The great thing about ADHD- Everything old is new again.


No matter what I do it seems like I always end up drowning in a sea of paper. But the dry erase board I am using now is helping a little. And now I have 3 more I can put up. 🙂