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Hi Coldhandedman,

I hear what you are saying about questioning the diagnosis.  That is what I am doing at the moment.  So do I have the CDD (STD), Aspergers, Inattentive ADD or ADHD.  How can I be tested for these and especially without my Primary and Secondary School records.

In addition I am also in IT, in particular specialization in IT Security.

What frustrates me is that I have obtained an Masters Degree and still have issues of keeping employment.  In particular having employment for less then three years and most being for just three months.  In addition always being at the entry level.   This is what drove me to get an Educational Assessment which gave me my ADHD Diagnosis.

Now with my research on the field of ADHD they are saying their is an another Concentration Disorder.  So what is the conclusive tests for this new Disorder and where can I be assessed for this?  Is there objective tests which do not require me to fill out a personal inventory survey.  Reason is I do not trust my self with them.

So I want a method of diagnosis without the personal surveys.  I find that I can manipulate them to my intended outcome or fill them out to a particular goal.  This make me see them as not useful in any screening or diagnosis.  Only purpose is to confirm what the other tests have found.

So what I would like to see is either some other objective tests or a new Adult Survey with lots of checks and balances which includes other disorders.  That is some questions are overlap with other disorders.  That is if you answer the question you can have one of the following Disorders.   While others are separation questions for a particular set of disorders, that is if you answer ‘a’ or ‘b’ it is this disorder, ‘c’ or ‘d’ for another.  Few if any questions which are Norm vs. Disorder questions, usually scale based questions on severity.  In addition have the check questions which if you are seeking a specific outcome will flag your answers as such.

So I need to find a new testing centre and get another assessment.  In the mean time focus on keeping my work while I seek a new Employer.