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The idea is that the brain has a capacity to rewire and add neurons when there is a new deficit of sensory input. This is like when amputees experience the sensation of the amputated limb being toughed if you touch a place that has never stimulated that feeling before. For example if and amputee has lost their hand and now if you touch their forehead they say they feel as though you have touched their missing thumb. Neurons in the brain that stimulate the feeling of facial touch kind of take over the very near area in the brain that use to experience the feelings in the amptuated hand. They sprout what are called ‘axon collaterals’ and try to make up for the deficit of sensory input.

I think the idea of mind improving games can help everyone in the sense of using your mind makes it ‘stronger’, but I don’t know how much it can help with a lot of the ADHD symptoms in the neural plasticity sense. There is a strong mind, but then there is an ADHD brain. You can have all the neurons you want, but if there isn’t enough fuel (neurotransmitters) to go around then I don’t see how it really matters how many new neural pathways are created. There will still probably be the ADHD symptoms, but now you are really fast and accurate at saying if two images are the same or not.