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Oooh, Shiny. I’ve been looking for something new and fun to do. I got bored with Luminosity pretty quick. The free app doesn’t have enough games in it. I still take a stab at it every now and then and try to improve my scores.

It’s true you are stuck with the genes you’ve got. But genetics aren’t everything. And since the brain does have a remarkable ability to rewire itself  it makes sense that it would be possible to build new neural pathways to compensate for what the ADHD brain lacks. It could partially explain why in many cases ADHD does not seem to carry into adulthood. And why some adults with ADHD do better in life and seem to be better able to compensate for their deficiencies.

I think a well rounded approach is best. Do as much as you can to keep your mind active and constantly challenge yourself. Maybe not something as challenging as going out and socializing and actually get involved with the conversation. But not so easy as Sudoku.