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I was recently diagnosed with ADD combined type. Also on 30mg of Vyvanse. I do not have any major ‘energy pickup’ issues. I just feel more in tune with the rest of the world.  I did lose about 7lbs pretty quickly the first couple weeks. My appetite is definitely decreased.

One thing I want to talk with my doctor about is that I only get about 8 productive hours from the med, which means that some days I take it later in the morning than usual, as my schedule varies so much. I wonder if that is a good thing or bad?

I am also on lamotrigine and naltrexone. My life crashed about 3 months ago and then burned when I started drinking more to numb out my feelings of frustration, anger and self-loathing. My psych said this is typical behavior for ADD….(ADDictions) so I am going thru a lot right now. I am 100% sober now and ready to focus (ha ha) on what I’ve missed out on.