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Yeah. My life has improved since diagnosis only because I’ve stopped blaming myself for being different. It is no longer a moral issue.

Therapy has been of limited value for me. Coaching has been more useful, but also limited. I learned to accept the condition, but haven’t learned much about how to better manage my life. I know I’m smart. I’m sure you are as well.  It is not about intelligence, either.

The amount of money needed to pay for support services can be pretty appalling. A lot of people in what I think of as the ADHD Industry are self-serving and manipulative. The economic reality, for many of us who struggle to stay employed and employable, is that we often just can’t pony up hundreds or even thousands of dollars for help.

I checked the ADDCA website for lists of coaches, and was disappointed that there aren’t any who specialize in job counseling. How ironic is that?

Fortunately there are some free ADHD resources around the web. Articles. Attention Talk Radio is good. There are some good books, though a lot of the material is redundant, and as with most books, about 50% filler.

The best advice I have received is to notice when you are at your best, and try to recreate those circumstances as often as possible. As mentioned elsewhere, having embraced my total weirdness, I’ve noticed I’m at my best when I’m writing, so that’s what I’m trying to do more of.

ADHD is a real limitation that won’t change. There is no magic solution. Ending the self-blame is important.

Don’t listen to any “experts” who try to guilt-trip you about where you are with your ADHD, either. A lot of them do it – I find it pretty revolting, actually.