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Live Presentations

My Award Winning, Coast-to-Coast Mental Disorder



Comedian Rick Green’s hilarious one-man show takes us through his childhood struggles, lonely adolescence, chaotic show-biz career, that unexpected turns into a life dedicated to ADHD.  Rick takes us into the tornado of emotions that erupted after he was diagnosed in his 40’s. What follows is a wild, roller-coaster of unexpected successes, unforeseen calamities, and a surprising crusade to change how the world sees ADHD.

Key Messages:

  • Undiagnosed ADHD sabotages adults. Simply understanding how your mind works can be life changing. Knowledge is power.
  • Surviving the tornado of relief, regret, anger, sadness, and doubt that can derail your progress
  • Defeating the stigma, fear, confusion, and outright nonsense that people will throw at you.
  • The power of having a goal that is moving and inspiring.
  • The good news about ADHD. Things are changing for the better.
  • A dozen practices that work at home, at work, and at play.


  • 2 hours (Includes 15 min. intermission & 15 min. Q&A)
  • For Adults, Parents, Families, Teens, Partners – with ADHD or not
  • Suggested Venues: Theatre or Auditorium


ADHD? Who, me?


Rick Green’s ADHD diagnosis was the turning-point of his adult life.

“To suddenly understand who you are, to have an explanation for so many of my struggles, my weaknesses, and even my strengths, was stunning. A holistic treatment plan was transformative. Life became simpler, clearer, easier. I found more balance. More joy.

“Negative beliefs faded. My self-esteem and confidence rose.

“And then two things threatened to sabotage everything.

“First crisis was my own reaction: regret, anger, sadness. Looking back at how I’d struggled in school, in relationships, at work… ‘All that suffering could have avoided, if only I’d known sooner! What could my life have been like?’”

“The second crisis was other people’s reaction. The sneering dismissal that I might have ADHD, or even that it was a real disorder. At my lowest I wish that I’d never found out the truth. And never told anyone else.”

Instead, Rick chose to tell everyone the truth. The comedy writer, director, and producer became a Mental Health crusader, determined to transform how the world understood and dealt with this disorder.

And that’s when things got crazy.


  • Being diagnosed is good news.
  • How ADHD sabotages you, your loved ones, and your dreams.
  • Dealing with guilt, shame, and stigma.
  • The power of having ‘mission.’
  • The good news – more and more people ‘get it.’ Things are better than ever, and improving all the time.
  • Viewing ADHD as an Executive Function Disorder leads to more effective treatments and strategies.


  • 45 – 60 minutes
  • Ages 14 and up: Adults, Couples, Companies & Organizations, Professional Associations.
  • Suggested Venues: Conference room, Theatre, Auditorium.


ADHD: Ask Us Anything!


A warm and intimate evening with Patrick McKenna & Rick Green.  Hear their amazing stories, their hidden struggles, and how getting diagnosed with ADHD was key to their success. Guided by audience questions, Rick and Patrick discuss the emotional challenges, the risks to relationships, and they share strategies they use to manage their challenges and thrive.

While videos and slides are used to illustrate key points, the evening is very much shaped by what you, the audience, want to know. Relationships. Finances. Emotions. Addictions. Medication. Parenting. Finding help. Who to tell… Whatever comes up.

The focus is on letting go of guilt, shame, and anger, and discovering practical solutions that work for people with ADHD.


  • Why getting diagnosed is actually good news.
  • How ADHD sabotages you, your loved ones, and your dreams and what you can do about it.
  • Letting go of guilt, shame, and stigma.
  • Reframing this ‘disorder’ and embracing your diagnosis.


  • 1 to 2 hours
  • Ages 14 and up: Adults, Couples, Parents, ADHD Professionals.
  • Suggested Venues: Conference room, Theatre, Lecture Hall, Auditorium.


ADHD: 10 Myths Busted – 20 Tools That Work


“Okay, we get that ADHD is real.  What can we do about it?”

Drawing upon the new paradigm for understanding ADHD as an issue with ‘Executive Functions’, this talk identifies the myriad ways this disorder sabotages people, and then offers practical, ADHD-Friendly strategies to manage, to master, and to avoid disaster.

While these strategies are particularly effective for people with ADHD, they can improve the productivity for anyone who has to manage their productivity, focus, follow-through, priorities, time, energy, and complex tasks. Also helpful for people who live with, work with, or parent, people with ADHD.

Filled with practical payoffs this solution-focused talk can be presented by either Rick Green or Patrick McKenna.


  • 45 – 90 minutes
  • Ages 12 & up. Families, General public, Corporate, Adults, Students.
  • Suggested Venues: Conference Room, Theatre, Auditorium, Classroom, Lecture Hall


ADHD? Okay? What Now?


This 3-hour event an engaging and transformational experience.

With games, skits, audience participation, quizzes, and video clips Rick Green, or Rick and Patrick McKenna bring ADHD to life, in all it’s messy complexity. We start with a concise review of the history and neuroscience of ADHD. We’ll see why ADHD can undermine every area of life, despite your best efforts.

We get down to business with strategies, tips, and accommodations to manage procrastination, clutter, motivation, focus, and whatever ‘symptoms’ are holding you back. We’ll look at the specifics, and the big picture.

Role-playing games will show you how to defend your diagnosis from hostility and dismissal.

We’ll also look at the impact on relationships, the role of medication, financial challenges, who to tell (disclosure), and accommodations at work and at school.

Whether you have ADHD, or you love someone who does, this workshop will transform your view of what ADHD is from a disorder to a challenge you can embrace and begin to master.


  • What ADHD looks like in real life. The costs. The challenges. The impact.
  • The neurology of ADHD. It’s not brain science. No, wait, it is…
  • Overcoming the challenges to a diagnosis, and finding reliable help.
  • How ADHD sabotages every aspect of life.
  • What works – Tools, Tips, Strategies & a Holistic Approach
  • The emotional challenges of being diagnosed. How to find reliable help. Who should you tell.
  • Dealing with stigma and denial. Defending your diagnosis. Busting myths.


  • 3 hours. (Includes two 10 minute breaks & frequent opportunities for Q & A.)
  • Ages 14 & up, Families, Professionals, Students, General public.
  • Suggested Venues: Conference Room, Theatre, Auditorium, Lecture Hall.


ADD & Loving It?!


This event begins with a screening of ADD & Loving It?!

Then Rick Green or Patrick McKenna host an interactive Question & Answer session that goes more deeply into whatever issues participants want to discuss.

This can be done live and in person, or virtually, using a video service such as Skype.

A virtual event is a terrific, cost-effective format for groups and organizations.

It can be staged in two ways: as a screening followed by an interactive conversation, or split up over two evenings–first the screening, followed a week or two later, by a live, interactive event.

ADD & Loving It?! lays the groundwork, and gives participants lots to think about, then the live Q & A can focus entirely on people’s questions & concerns.


  • 2 hours (60 minute screening -10 minute break – 50 minute Q & A)
  • Ages 14 & up, Families, Professionals, Students, General Public, Support Groups.
  • Suggested Venues: Conference Room, Theatre, Auditorium, Lecture Hall.  (Note: Must have high speed internet for a virtual event.)