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Our Vision

The experts agree that the way to succeed is to be large and in charge. This is your experiment. Find what works for you.

Our vision and our mission is to:

  • remove the stigma of ADHD
  • liberate people from fear, shame and resignation
  • create an interactive community for adults with, or affected by ADHD and ADD
  • empower people to create customized tools and treatments
  • provide reliable, credible and current information
  • present information in a lively, visual, memorable and fun way
  • give people the tools and support they need to create a life they love

An extension of the myth busting, fun analogies and real life stories presented in the documentary ADD & Loving It?!, the goal of TotallyADD.com is to applaud success. And succeeding with ADD is a three-step process.

 Drop the fear, blame, shame, intimidation and dread. Embrace who you are and how your mind works. You don’t have to like it, but you might as well stop arguing with reality. Find a community who appreciates and supports you. Acceptance is 50% of the battle.

 Educate yourself. Learning what ADD is, what it is not, what it means and what your particular flavor is can make all the difference. Knowledge is power. Education is 40% of the battle.

 Find the tools that work for you. Experiment. If something works – great. If not, drop it. Finding the right tools and then creating ways to stick with them is 70% of the battle.

Wait a minute. That adds up to 160%. It’s impossible! It’s too much! It’s overwhelming!

Welcome to our world.