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TotallyADD Events

TotallyADD Events

  • Live Chats With TotallyADD’s Rick Green


    Twice a month Rick & special guests chat online with the TotallyADD Patreon community. Join us for live chats! + get all kinds of perks as a patron!

    Can't Make It? All chats are recorded, listen when it is convenient to you.

    For as Little as $3 Per Month!

    Upcoming Chats at a Glance:

    ADHD Life in a COVID-19 World
    with Dr. David Pomeroy

    Thursday, September 24th
    2pm EST - 11am Pacific - 7pm GMT

    ADHD in The Family
    with Coach Linda King

    Wednesday, October 14th
    2pm EST - 11am Pacific - 7pm GMT

    Ask Me Anything About ADHD
    with Dr. Candice Murray 

    Tuesday, October 27th   
    2pm EST - 11am Pacific - 7pm GMT

    Body Doubling - With Rick Green

    Tuesday, Nov 3rd

    "Can I Trust This Source?"

    Separating Scientific Fact From Fiction in the Age of 'False News'
    With Dr. J. Russell Ramsay

    Monday, November 23
    8pm EST - 5PM Pacific - 1am GMT

    Can I Trust This Source - With Dr. J. Russell Ramsay
    Are you confused by all the 'breaking news' and 'latest breakthroughs' that bombard us every day?  How can you recognize solid science based-information, and identify flawed research or incomplete reporting or even a new, promising, half-baked idea that may or may not end up being a fully baked, good idea?  (Not to mention bare-faced lies, hoaxes, and deliberate misinformation.)

    You don't need to be a scientist to protect yourself from bad advice or shady 'cures.'  You just need to know what to look for.  And, as importantly, be able to consider any new studies in the context of the scientific consensus of what we already know about ADHD or other matters.

    Join Dr. J. Russell Ramsay as he discusses and answers questions about these sorts of issues as they play out in real scientific studies to reveal the tell-tale signs that indicate a study is trustworthy or not, particularly as related to ADHD. 

    You'll see how science progresses with results building upon earlier work.  It may appear to be a complex and confusing process.  But being able to separate fact from fiction is vitally important in the age of Alternative Facts, marketing, and a world-wide pandemic.  You will find it is possible to be a card-carrying skeptic but still open-minded and even optimistic about unfolding research.

    The Mindfulness Prescription for a Happy Holistic Holiday
    with Dr. Lidia Zylowska

    Tuesday, Dec 8th
    5pm EST - 2pm Pacific - 10pm GMT

    ADHD According to Zoe with Zoe Kessler 
    Date & Time TBD 

    Ask Me Anything About ADHD 
    with Terry Matlen 
    Date & Time TBD 

    Thinking with Pencil & Paper: Creativity Part 4
    With cartoonist & animator Bryce Hallett of Frog Feet Productions

    Monday, January 11th  - 8:00 pm Eastern

    It's Not a 'Seniors Moment!'  It's ADHD!  
    with Gina Pera, author of Is It You, Me, or Adult ADD?! 

    Monday, Feb 1 -  1:00 pm Eastern – 10:00 am Pacific 

    Frazzled, Frantic, Fried, or Focused 
    with Betty Bennett

    Tuesday, February 23rd
    2pm EST - 11am Pacific - 7pm GMT

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  • ADHD Parents’ Palooza – FREE Registration July 27th – 31st


    Parent Palooza 2020!

    Parent Palooza ADHD

    Ready to be inspired — and for life to get a little easier?

    The ADHD Parents’ Palooza explodes online again this year with information, education and rejuvenation — July 27th – 31st

    Hosted by my friends and colleagues, Linda Roggli of and Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of, the ADHD Parents’ Palooza will improve the way you parent kids with ADHD!

    It’s all online and FREE — so you can attend in carpool line, on a commute, or in your pj’s after dinner!

    Previous ADHD Paloozas have been smashing successes with more than 7,000 registered.

    This year, it’s back to support parents! (I'm speaking on July 29th)

    A ground-breaking online event, this summer you’ll get cutting-edge information shared by dozens of worldwide experts including TotallyADD's Rick Green, Dr. Ned Hallowell, Melissa Orlov, Coach Linda Walker, Roberto Olivardia, PhD, and many more

    They’ll be presenting on essential topics for parents of kids with ADHD, such as:

    • ADHD and Neurofeedback
    • Catching Meltdowns Before They Happen
    • ADHD Treatments
    • That Work
    • Homeschooling Tips for Parents Who Never Expected to Homeschool
    • Digital Parenting and ADHD
    • Avoiding COVID Collapse, Mask Misery and the Stay-at-home Blahs
    • Partnering with your Young Adult with ADHD
    • The Added Challenge of Co-existing Conditions
    • Productivity in the Age of Coronavirus

    It is an extraordinary week of insight and answers exclusively for parents, with many legends and luminaries.

    Join this summer’s Parents Palooza! Find out how your life can improve when you understand the nuances of parenting ADHD.
    Move forward with hope, confidence and inspiration, guided by the top experts in the world.

    Register by clicking HERE.

    Rick Green

    Note: Totally ADD is an affiliate of this event and receives a small fee from anyone who decides to purchase year round access to these talks. Purchase is not required to listen to these talks within 24 hours of broadcast.

  • Succeed With ADHD Telesummit 2020


    ADHD Events 2020

    Rick Green at the ADHD Telesummit

    Hello Amazing ADHD Person!

    Did you know the traditional gifts for someone celebrating their 10th anniversary are tin, aluminum or diamonds?

    Now I know which one I’d choose…but it’s not MY anniversary!

    It’s the 10th anniversary of the Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit hosted by Laurie Dupar of the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACTcenter) and Coaching for ADHD.

    Like me, Laurie would choose diamonds, because that gemstone – the fancy, sparkly, valuable, unique, amazing piece of jewelry – was originally a rock that was put to the test by intense heat and pressure and came out shining.

    Very much like people with ADHD!

    Just like an exquisite diamond, every person with ADHD has valuable gifts, strengths, talents and attributes that sometimes can’t be seen.

    But just because we can’t always see them, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  And those of us who understand ADHD want you to shine your ADHD brilliance every day!

    This is why I am a part of the 10th annual virtual Succeed with ADHD Video Summit being held June 22-26 and hosted by Laurie Dupar, Founder of the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACTcenter) and Coaching for ADHD, to make sure you have the tools and tips to see the brilliance in yourself, too.

    If you’re wondering who’s joining forces with Laurie and me to help you with that, here’s a list of the 2020 Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit expert guests and their exclusive topics:  

    • Alan P Brown, ADHD/Productivity Coach: Clear the Mental Clutter by Capturing and Storing ALL Your Ideas & Reminders
    • Bryan Wisda of ADHD Lullaby: ADHD and Functional Sound
    • Casey Dixon of Dixon Life Coaching: The Mysterious Paradox of Being a High Achiever with ADHD
    • Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A: Let’s Get “In Sync”! Fun and Functional Activities for Kids with ADHD and SPD
    • Dana Rayburn, ADHD Success Coach: Finishing Projects ADHD Style
    • Eric Tivers:
    • ImpactADHD: Parenting Complex Kids in Complex Times
    • Jeff Copper of Dig Coaching: Using Attention Exercises to Improve Focus
    • Kelly Biltz of Loving GrADDitude: Preparing Parents for ADHD Adolescents
    • Laurie Dupar, Founder, International ADHD Coach Training Center: Discover Your Core Values and Understand Your Essential Purpose
    • Leslie Josel, Academic/Life Coach: Strategic Study Skills: Smart Steps to Learn Effective Study Habits
    • Linda Roggli, PCC: The High Cost of ADHD Shame (and what to do about it)
    • Luz Jaramillo of BrainBody Coach: How to Be Emotionally Fit with ADHD: The Key to Stop Relying on Willpower and Motivation to Win the Battle with Food.
    • Marcelle Clavette, M.S. of DCI Consulting Group and The Remy Practice: My ADHD at Work: Where Do I Fit In?
    • Melissa Orlov, Marriage Consultant and Founder of The Just Right Relationship: Meeting the Needs of Both Partners
    • Rick Green of TotallyADD: 5 Things I Stopped Doing That Helped Me Manage ADHD
    • Samantha Moe: Beneath the Behaviors
    • Sarah Cheyette, M.D.: The Making of Champions—What Neurobiology Teaches Us About How to Manage ADHD
    • Dr. Sharon Saline: Doing the Tough Stuff: Improving Motivation and Reducing Procrastination
    • Sharon MacPherson: Bacon is ADHD Brain Food
    • Shell Mendelson, MS, Career Coach for Adults with ADHD: 5 Steps to Bring What You Love to Do Home with ADHD
    • Tara McGillicuddy: ADHD Psychic Connection
    • Terry Bateman: The 10% Solution: Simple Things That Create Change
    • Terry Matlen:
    • Tyler Dorsey, Certified ADHD Life Coach: Throwing Spaghetti Against the Wall to See What Sticks: Entrepreneurs with ADHD

    As a fellow brilliant diamond – whether you’ve reached full glitter or are still a bit in the rough - you’re invited to the party!

    Join us June 22-26 for the 10th annual virtual (aka listen in via phone or web) Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit.

    It’s easy – sign up here and like magic you will get all the details sent to your email inbox PLUS some incredible free gifts from the sponsors in our 2020 ADHD SWAG goodie bag!


    Rick Green

    P.S. You are amazing, and the Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit can help you shine bright. Your access to the telesummit is here

    TotallyADD is an affiliate of this event and receives a small fee from any referral that chooses to pay for year round access to these talks.

  • Free Online Event – Dozens of Experts in ADHD & Autism


    Are you raising a bright child with learning, social, emotional, and/or behavioural challenges? If so, we recommend the Bright & Quirky Child Online Summit.

    The summit runs March 12-16 and includes many experts like: Stephen Porges PhD, TIna Payne Bryson PhD, Ross Greene PhD, Mona Delahooke PhD, Stuart Shanker DPhil, Debbie Reber, Seth Perler, Linda Silverman PhD, Dan Peters PhD, Susan Baum PhD and many more.

    TotallyADD is an affiliate of this event and is not running the event.

  • ADHD Experts Online! Free Registration – Women’s Palooza

    Palooza ADHD for women

    Register For Free Now

    It's a special "Leap Year" edition of the Palooza running February 24-29, 2020

    One of the topics this Palooza will cover is a tricky path that we all have to navigate, and universally seem to struggle with. Should you tell anyone about your ADHD, and if so, who can you confide in? TotallyADD's Rick Green will be answering these questions and more in his presentation on Friday, February 28th.

    To find more about this free event and to register click here

    Get ready for the 2020 ADHD Women's Palooza!  

    More than two dozen experts will be part of this extraordinary week of insight and answers exclusively for women with ADHD. Topics include: Be Your Own ADHD Coach, Working Memory Strategies for ADHD Women,  Why Does Race Really Matter in the ADHD Women's Community?, Appreciating Your ADHD Psychic Powers, Suicide:the Sobering Facts and Helpful Strategies, and What We've Learned in 30 Years about ADHD Women's Executive Function and a new Radical Approach.

    And so much more! It's all free of charge, with free replays of all sessions! 

    Register now, so you don't have to remember to do that later, then join us February 24-29, 2020!

  • What if I had known about my ADHD earlier?: How a visit with your past self can propel you forward.

    Dr Laura MacNiven

    When you are diagnosed with ADHD for the first time in adulthood, there is a lot of history to work through. You question why some things went one way, and why others went another. And even, why some things didn't "go" at all. 

    I get it. For me, I didn't realize I had symptoms of ADHD until I was late into my twenties. 

    I didn't know why:

    I could do things that were "hard", but not things that were "easy" (or seemed easy to others). 

    I couldn't do my work until the very last minute (when I was out of time). 

    I often focused on the needs of others before my own (even if it was detrimental to me).

    I put unnecessary stress on myself and those around me when it came to deadlines. 

    By learning about ADHD and me,

    I have become a happier person. 

    I have found a more peaceful way to be. 

    I know first hand the power of understanding your unique brain style.

    In order to get there, though, I had to go backwards before I could go forwards. I had to learn more about me from a long time ago, in order to define my authentic self now.

    Do I have you interested? Take 12 minutes to yourself. Hit a coffee shop, or find a spot where you feel relaxed and able to focus. Maybe even go for a walk.  

    Grab a pen and paper or open the notes section in your phone...

    Write a letter to yourself at a pivotal point in your past.

    Perhaps you are eight years old and starting to have challenges in school or heading off to university, or beginning a new stage in your career. Speak to your past self with an awareness of what you now know, and think about what it would have meant to know this information then. Be gentle. The goal here is to find clues about your true self, outside of ADHD, that will guide you along your journey. 

    What did your past self teach you about your "now" self? 

    Perhaps you can make peace with hurts of the past, or maybe there is someone you want to talk to, in order to feel better. Do this process your way.

    If you liked this activity, it comes from: May We Have Your Attention Please? A Springboard Clinic Workbook for Living- and Thriving- with Adult ADHD

    ADHD Course

    Interested in being part of an online course for adults with ADHD? We are launching our first online course for adults rolling out January 6, 2019! (Early bird pricing in effect until December 15). 

    What's In This Course? Let Laura MacNiven tell you all about it!
  • Big December Giveaway!


    11 Winners in all!

    December Patreon Giveaway

    Winners will be selected during a live draw.

    For more information on the Springboard course visit May We Have Your Attention Please?

    For more information on the Forbrain headset visit Forbrain

  • Oct 23rd, 7:00PM Winnipeg, Manitoba


    Join TotallyADD's Rick Green live!

    Presented by The Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba with proceeds going to the United Way Winnipeg

    ADHD Winnipeg

    Tickets are limited! For ticket and event information click here

  • So You Think You’re The Only One With ADHD? Oct 19th, Toronto, Ont

    ADHD Event

    Hosted by CADDAC

    Join us for an up-beat, inspiring, humorous, yet still somewhat educational, live show for Adults, Adolescents and older children with ADHD and their families and friends!

    Rick Green of TotallyADD
    Jessica Mccabe or How to ADHD
    Big Daddy Tazz Done Did It Again. Comedian and Motivational Speaker
    Carlyn Rhamey of The ADHD Project

    $10 Children
    $15 Adolescents (over 12)
    $20 Adults
    $50 Family (Up to 2 adults and 3 children OR 2 adolescents)

    Tickets and information

  • Live Kids Show: Me & MY ADHD – Toronto, Ont Oct 19

    ADHD Event

    Hosted by CADDAC

    Me and My ADHD!

    Join us for an up-beat, inspirational, humorous, interactive and yet still

    educational, live show for Kids with ADHD, their families and friends.

    F E A T U R I N G

    The screening of 3 new animated videos to help children understand ADHD and

    live interactive experiences by:

    B I G D A D D YT A Z Z


    RICK GREEN (TotallyADD)

    Tickets and Information