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Welcome to the Advertising Frequently Asked Questions for Visitors and Members page on This page is designed to answer your questions about the advertising on So let’s get started:

Q:  Can I turn the ads off?
A: Sorry, but no.  Ads help us pay for creating new videos and with the costs of maintaining and upgrading this site.

Q: Do you endorse the products in the ads?
A: When we promote our own Big Brain Productions / TotallyADD products, yes. In the Google and private ads, not necessarily. We have partnered with Google to populate the site with ads and products and services that match the site. However, we don’t necessarily endorse those products and services. As always its buyer beware. However we block ads that we feel are unsuitable or against our common sense guidelines.

Q: Do you control the quality of the ads?
A: Yes, we have control over what kinds of ads can be displayed and we block ads that we feel are unsuitable.

Q: I have a complaint about an ad. Who can I report it to?
A: If you feel an ad is unsuitable or offensive we are interested in your input. Please take a screen grab of the ad (see next question) or click on the ad and send us the link (URL) it takes you to and we will investigate it.
If our team determines it does not meet our guidelines, we will block it. Please email us, with your name, the ad description and a screen grab of the ad.  Send your email to

Q: How do I do a screen grab?
A: On Windows computers, use the PrtScn button – see this tutorial On Mac computers, use this video tutorial


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