What do I do now?2015-06-15T12:43:09-04:00

What do I do now?

First of all, congratulate yourself.

It takes courage to be willing to look into this.

So, do you have ADHD? You may not have scored 9 out of 9, but did you recognize yourself in the list of traits? Impulsivity? Restlessness? Problems with focus and following through on things you start?

Some people believe, “Everyone has ADHD. It’s just modern life.”

It’s true that everyone forgets the odd appointment. Or has lost their keys. Or feels overwhelmed, or distracted, or scattered now and then.

With ADHD, the challenges are ongoing, throughout your life. To the point where it’s causing real problems.

As well, ADHD is situational. Impulsivity and restlessness may be awesome if you’re a stand-up comedian, but a disaster if you’re a bookkeeper.

How can you find out more? To get a real sense of how ADHD looks in daily life, watch our “Unofficial ADHD Test.” Yes, it’s funny. But it’s also been reviewed and approved by a couple of independent ADHD specialists.

And you’ll find a ton of videos, blogs, and practical tools that work for our unique mindset at TotallyADD.com Not to mention thousands of members who know exactly what you’re going through. And what you can do about it.