“I scored high. But doesn’t everyone?” 2015-06-15T12:26:04-04:00

First of all, congratulations for taking this test.

It takes courage to be willing to look into this.

You may be worried at this point. Don’t be. If you do qualify as ADHD there’s a ton you can do about it. It’s the not knowing that ruins people’s lives. As any one who was diagnosed as an adult and they will tell you, “I’m glad I know. I wish I’d known sooner. I could have avoided a lot of unnecessary suffering.”

Unlike being pregnant, or having a broken arm, the ‘symptoms’ of ADHD are things every person deals with—focus, overwhelm, organizing, completing stuff.
ADHD falls on a spectrum. Like height. Everyone has some height, right? But being at the end of the spectrum, say 6’9” or tall, is going to impact your life. Especially if you don’t know you’re tall. All you know is your head gets a lot of bruises.

Those of us with ADHD can be smart, very creative, intuitive, multidisciplinary, funny, curious, and able to hyper-focus when we are interested in something,
But then we can struggle with simple, routine tasks. Paperwork? Small talk? Waiting in line? Yikes!

The secret to succeeding despite having ADHD, and even by tapping into some of your ‘traits’, is knowing what this disorder is and then using strategies, tools, and treatments that at ADHD-Friendly. You don’t harness an unusual mindset with the standard tools. But then you probably know that already having read every book you could find on procrastination, clutter, organizing, time-management, and ‘How To Succeed.’

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