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What people are saying about TotallyADD2013-02-20T16:41:32-05:00

What people are saying about TotallyADD

“I know that I have a place to turn where I will feel I fit and I am understood”

“Totallyadd.com has provided my family with so many more tools that I didn’t know I needed I cannot even count them all. This website is a MUST for anyone with ADHD or trying to help someone with it”

“This site is the little place I go to feel better about myself”

“Just a comment. First time on this webinar. I finally have a calming feeling that there is help… Thank you”

“I want to thank you for the wonderful videos that really help(ed) me when I first found the totallyadd website. I would come to the website for information and then laugh and feel better. I hadn’t even known I was feeling bad and stressed until I laughed. Those videos have also made me tear up, like the one ’he can focus when he wants too’, and I have used some to explain to my dearest and loyal friends about why I do what I do sometimes. I celebrate your talent and I am so grateful that you and Ava put yourselves on the line to develop the website. I will always be grateful for that and for finding my tribe here.”