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You’re right about the need for us to be proactive regarding our health! We need to voice our opinions and reactions to meds LOUDLY and clearly, especially if we think the current treatment plan isn’t working.

However, what doesn’t work for one may well be the perfect treatment and doseage for another. I’ve struggled with blood pressure readings as high yours since I was in my late 20s. With a combination of meds, I’ve managed to keep them ‘just’ in the acceptable range.

When I started Concerta, you can bet I had doubts about its appropriateness/safety with my BP history. My current dose was raised just over a month ago to 90mg (after a year and a half at 72mg). Blood pressure since beginning meds? Better ‘reads’ than the last 25 years!! My GP is astounded, my psychiatrist not so much. 😆

His comment? Removing the load of stress caused by the ADHD is the reason for the improvement.

I was concerned about not being able to eat since before beginning meds I had lost an enormous amount of weight due to surgery for a rather huge tumour on my pancreas that had managed to mess up my stomach/eating. I had already become a human skeleton (yes, scary-looking to my friends and especially to me) so I quite concerned about not being able to eat. Nevermind the fact that is was incredibly painful to even do so!

Did the Concerta cause problems with my eating habits? Not one little bit! In fact, I get compliments all the time about how good I look now.

I’m saying all this just to remind everyone that we need to monitor our own health and treatment plan according to our own experiences. The dose that works for one may not be right for another but we need to always keep an open mind. Don’t refuse to try a particular dose based on another’s bad experience.

I’m certainly glad you’ve finally found the correct dose for your body and metabolism! :D