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Re: 108 Mg's of concerta

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Thanks Zsazsa,

You’re totally right! Each and every person will react to medications in their own way. My experience wasn’t due to a bad medication, it was due to a poor dr/patient relationship. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone who didn’t have my hypertension could do fine on that kind of does. Just for me, it was a really long (and sometimes scary) path to finding my voice, and demanding to play a larger role in my medication.

On few occasions dr’s would say things like “you’re blood pressure is a little high, but it’s mostly just a result of an active day” and I just blindly trusted it. I have learned to ask questions, and keep asking till the answer I get makes sense to me. I totally take a portion of the responsibility for my experience.

Now that I’m down to half the does, My world has become 1000 x’s better and I’m so happy for it!

Thanks for your post, I’m sorry if I sounded like I was warning off the medication.