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Hi !

26 also ! and just found out 2 weeks ago while doing an internship in psychiatry (i’m a med student).

Many people had suggested me in the past, already in early childhood, but I was never able to hear it and never went to see a specialist.

I remember the last time someone told me about it… It was at the end of a 45 min psychiatry course on ADHD

A friend told me : you are probably one!

Me : what are you talking about?

Friend : ADHD

Me : What is it?

Friend : hmmm, what the professor was talking about : “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”

Me : no… I’m not a hyper

And I had just been drawing, dreaming, and distracted by any single noise or movement in the audiance for the past 45 minutes… and did not even realize what ADHD was about.

Now that I realize, it makes a lot of sense!

Before : “you’re just lazy, stupid, irresponsible…” like rwdbull

Now : “hmmm makes sense, I see the challenges”

But hey! where do I start ^^ lol

Thanks a lot for this website! It helps a lot!