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I’ll bet there are all kinds of fellow ADDers like me who are nodding our heads at everything you said. Especially the part about calling ourselves lazy….and not realizing that the struggles we face are actually kind of unique. I too didn’t get diagnosed until just a few months ago, after years of struggling and coping. Going crazy over school, and figuring that maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough. I mean, everyone else seemed to be doing OK, and I knew I was smart, so what was the problem?

It wasn’t until, like you, someone pointed out to me that I might have ADD and suggested I come to this site to learn more that I realized that the inability to stay on focus was NOT a problem for most other people. It’s like someone switched the lights on and all of a sudden you realize that not many people share this propensity for juggling about a million thoughts in your head, worried that you might lose a few of them if you don’t get them out on time. Ugh. I mean, the thoughts are generally pretty cool, but there are just so *many* of them, you know?

Anyway – thanks very much for sharing your story! It’s encouraging to me to read others’ stories about their “pre-diagnosis” days. Helps put things in perspective.