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Re: 45, ADD and totally in the wrong job, I feel suck and screwed

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@ JimC. from what I gather many ADDers like being in sales. Are you selling the wrong thing, something you dont believe in or are you just unhappy in sales. I keep asking myself if I should go into sales but I sold cars for a couple of years and it wasnt a great experience so I dont know if I dont like sales, or if it was just car sales I didn’t like. (The dealership I worked for wasnt helping me very much to succeed, which is not uncommon for car dealers as it can be a shadely business)

@ Tinkywink, I have been think about that as an option. We have a big insurance company about 25 miles from me so it is a possibility.

A few people mentioned to not be scare to take a risk and that is something I have not been good at. Lifetime of telling myself I suck and feeling I have failed at soooooo many things I am totally gun shy to step out of my comfort zone.

I want to thank all the people that gave their input. I took a break over Christmas and haven’t really checked here. I still not sure what I should be doing but it is humbling to here how many people are looking for work and how lucky many of us are that we have a job. It sounds like in many cases pretty good jobs. I still feel like I should be doing something that matches my personality better. To a certain degree that transcends ADD or ADHD. I think it would be safe to say most successful people are in jobs that suit them.

For me the big thing is knowing about my ADD is helping not just jump to something else which was kind of what I have done in the past. I would need something different and just kind of take what made sense based on my previous experience. Now I am looking at different jobs and really paying attention to what the position entails. Doing some research on some of them has helped a lot to find out what are the key parts of the job. Some sound interesting but when I do some research I find with some that the part I am excited about or think I would be good at that is a very small part of the job.

I hope more people will continue to post as I have gotten some good leads so to speak from this and it has helped knowing I am not alone in my quest.