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Hi Everyone –

I so appreciate all the feed back! I have been on the Adderall SI – 10 mg for 6 days now and I do feel it is helping (a lot) but I am not happy with the side affects: Nervousness, dry mouth, tense shoulders, neck and jaw. Toward night time I must be having a drop off as I seem more prone to anxiety, and back to not being able to talk without lost thoughts and hesitations, which is one of my annoying ADD symptoms. I will be seeing my provider on Monday, and my thought was to see if she would be willing to try a course of Methylphenidate (generic Ritalin). So another question born from Lion lady observation that the Adderall SI probably is a poor fit for me (thanks for your note!) What experiences can any of you share with Ritalin SR vers Ritalin SI? I have very high deductible insurance, so I am looking for a generic if possible. Adderall XR even the generic is out of my price range at $409.00 for 90 day supply via my mail order insurance option with a 2800.00 deductible!

Also – what books have you found to be helpful for impulse management? Or general just good skill building books for adults with ADHD?