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I can identify with some of what you’ve written. The most obvious thing I can identify with is the length of your post. Many of mine are lengthy too. My problem though, so you can hopefully understand me better, is that though I can write a lot about myself, I have a great deal of trouble reading lengthy posts from others. That said, I used my browser’s search features to look for a few key terms:




…and several other related terms.

I did find one sentence containing the terms “psychology” and “counseling” in reference to the counseling you got in 1986. The rest of the post appears to outline mostly job and work related history, along with some social interaction difficulties you’ve had over the years.

I didn’t see very many details about treatment. I did see that you are currently on medication, so there must be at least one doctor involved, but not much, if anything, in the way of more information regarding any treatment you may be getting.

I did also notice, in your words, “Anything you say, i’ve done at least 5+ times already,” in reference to job advice.

Please try not to take this personally. When you make a statement like that, it reveals a presumption that “you’ve heard it all.” Yet, we haven’t even had the opportunity to offer you anything. You’re telling us not to offer any advice, because you’ve already heard it, but we haven’t even had the chance to say anything yet. How can you know that what we would have to say is going to be something you’ve already heard, when you haven’t yet heard what we have to offer?

My point is, what you’ve written is obviously a rant. You’ve said as much, and I accept that. Sometimes we just need to vent and don’t want any advice. In such a situation any advice offered won’t be taken well anyway, so in a way it’s good to know not to bother.

That said, I’m not offering any. Just the observation that the only reference you make in your post to anything related to therapy or counseling occurred over twenty years ago. I am not assuming that’s the only time you ever sought professional help, just noting that’s the only reference, and encouraging you to question why.

If you have sought help since then, and it’s not working, I’m not going to tell you what to do, just repeat something I’ve heard myself. I’ve learned that if I’ve sought help, and don’t feel that the “help” is really helping, that it probably isn’t, and it is time to look elsewhere. Time to find another doctor, try different meds, or different doses, and seek therapy elsewhere if I’m already getting it.

Coaches are great under the right circumstances. Coaches however, are but one tool, and aren’t very effective if underlying issues aren’t being addressed properly and thoroughly. No coach works for free. Somebody has to pay for it, but there may be some organizations (private or public), that have funding that can help you with that. I’ve no idea about that. The concept of coaching ADHD patients is brand new to me. I haven’t even had the opportunity yet to explore the possibilities. Hopefully someone else here can offer more information.

It would probably help to know where you are in the world.

Sorry I couldn’t offer more, but then, as you said, you weren’t asking for specific advice on much, so it’s probably best that I don’t even if I could.

Just know that I HEAR you, and definitely feel for you. And I hope you find some answers.