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>The only interest you mentioned was sci-fi. The others are important to come to an agreement on, but being a sci-fi fan is the only thing there (aside from the spiritual aspect, though even that doesn’t need to match up with you for the relationship to work or be interesting) for which you might find a club and which can be classified as a “common interest” :-p

That’s the narrowed down list. You should have seen it before. ;) I have many different interests to chat about. Tried that many times. Settled for people who don’t match up. It stays in the “just friends forever” zone. I learned my life lesson, match up or move on. Still, having female friends can be interesting.

I have to update it. The religion can be pagan, neo-pagan, and eastern paths. There enough similarity to be good match. Quiet person is good too.

>I think you’re too picky. Things like political and spiritual beliefs don’t have to match for the relationship to work. More important is knowing how to discuss them in an intelligent and mature way. Having someone whose beliefs don’t match yours exactly can help you grow as a person by challenging your views and forcing you to think about them in different ways.

Your totally wrong. “The only thing opposites attract is divorce.” If I want someone who i’m fighting with non-stop, no thanks. Also, you have to understand just how different those are from western main-stream religions. Like others, I can’t relate at all to them. If I were christian(mono-theist type religions), getting involved with another mono-theist religion wouldn’t be a big deal. With the others on my list, were similar enough for a match. Once I narrowed down the field, it was just a matter of internet searches. I already have possible groups to join.

Society expects you to settle and not be picky. Find someone, get together, get married, and breed. I’v never been a follower and I will never be one. I’m picky/selective and proud of it. To me, relationships are on the side, not the center. I’ll work hard at it and sooner or later i’ll find her.

Failure only makes victory all the more sweet.

>Having a genius IQ doesn’t make you perfect; it is a measure for potential, not of how well you’re using it :-p

You misunderstand. That wasn’t a boast. I was just stating a fact about that affecting my choices.

>The other thing is that going to an ADHD site hoping to find someone with something in common with you is a lot like going to a diabetes site hoping to find someone with something in common with you. It is possible that you’ll find someone you’re compatible with, but a diagnosed disorder not really a good basis for a relationship… :-p

Again, you are totally wrong. I’v found more in common with the people on here than i’v met in-person my whole life. If she exists, this is one possible website of many to find her. :)

To the admins, can you look into my dating profile idea?