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I agree with Nimthiriel

If you are into cars, for example, hang out at races or car shows……… that’s a way to find someone with common interests.

OTOH, I used to believe that the ideal wife would be this or that, until I met my current wife. I’ve found out there are things more important than my “ideal” list, and she is now my ideal. She puts up with me, cares about me, misses me when I’m gone, or she’s gone, etc. and she takes totally good care of me when sick or injured, no complaining. (even though I know her personality can’t stand being around sick or hurt people in general – she’s impatient.)

How I found her was no less than Divine Intervention. I was divorced, farmed and really wanted to be married again. I was cleaning up, something I rarely do so that in itself is miracle 1. I got all these free papers, those advertisers dropped off the mail box, etc. that are pretty much all ads, classifieds, want ads, etc. I never even opened those, they went straight to the garbage. Not that night. I grabbed some, sat on the floor, opened one up to a place in the middle of the paper, and my eyes fell on an ad for a dating club (through the mail, before Internet). Not only did I rarely clean, I never opened those papers……..

but this time I opened one, right to that ad. I joined (5 bucks) and got back a listing of females. The back side of the last page, very last listing at the bottom of the page was her. I wrote a letter, sent it to the club to be forwarded (no phone numbers or addresses were published)

Never heard back for months. The I get this letter from her………. she was lonely, decided to re-up in the club and when looking for their info, she found my letter in a drawer. The rest is history. 22 years later.