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You’re very welcome! The irony of “under your nose” is that we can’t physically see under our noses. Kind of like touching your elbow…As far as books on subject matter such as this, I really don’t know anything specific but you could try reading about NLP (neurolinguistic programming) which teaches you to look at physiological triggers and how thoughts manifest into the physical. For a little more on the spiritual side of guidance, Dr. Wayne Dyer has some decent writings out there (a little Christian-centric what with God as the archetype and all but good nonetheless). One book: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life comes to mind. There’s also one from him called The Power of Intention which I found to be quite good. It’s very paragraphically written too (for the most part) which helps when getting through more than 4 sentences is a daunting task. There’s another one by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life that I’m told is excellent but I can’t provide any insight as I havent read it. They all fall under the “self help” section in any bookstore and I’m sure you could probably get them for a deal on

Hope that helps and I hope you can get the inspiration you need! I’m sure you’ll be amazing.