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lookoverthere, I can totally relate to the over analysis of trivial or mundane (or even the critically serious) subject matter in life – especially personal relationships. I often find myself wondering “Why did s/he say that the way s/he said it?” or “Damn it! I should’ve said THAT instead!” to the point that I’m beating myself up over the smallest details of a conversation or event. I believe this analytical behaviour to be a hallark of ADDers.

Empathy. I think you’ll find that most, if not all ADDers are incredibly sensitive and more often than not, take things to heart and tend to really analyze situations and play scenarios back and forth in their heads. I’m certain that our extraordinary intelligence and creativity lend themselves very well to problem-solving in the area of personal matters (I know I often play the role of counsellor to many friends) – have you ever found yourself providing advice to someone that was so spot on you amazed even yourself because it came from ‘nowhere’?

As we get older, I think our focus and thoughts become more internalized. Our explorative nature causes us to look inward because for most of our lives, we spend so much time in exploration of the world around us rather than the world within us. It’s only natural then, that the analytical persona at this stage of life begins to observe and process the ‘self’ and naturally, health is top of the list. If you’re pre-disposed to be empathic and this equates to a hightened sensitivity, it makes complete sense as to why you’re suddenly concerned about your own health – even to the point of perhaps being hypercondriac (I’m not suggesting you are but the potential for us ADDers is certainly there!).

The other side of the coin is the one you already mentioned: control. The sub-conscious will inevitably create new situations and events to control if existing ones are resolved (if one has control ‘issues’). That segment of the ego needs that in order to perpetuate it’s survival. If this is a defense mechanism stemming from a traumatic event in ones life or perhaps an over-riding need for focus, the sub-conscious has devised a way to propogate health issues as a means to maintain that solace, that sanctuary of defense.

I’m by no means a phychiatrist or neuroscientist (like I have to qualify that! LOL) so that’s just my circumlocutory assessment :).