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I also tried the atkins diet for about 4 months and couldn’t believe how clear my mind became. Unfortunately, the diet was expensive and boring, so I quit. I’m now on a Gluten-free diet and the clouds have lifted once again. I watch my portions of some carbs like potatoes, corn chips, and ice cream, but in general I don’t crave bread like l used to. I’ve notice I don’t squirm anymore as well. I could never sit still for classes, meetings and such, and this has made a hell of a difference for me. I’ve also cut down on interrupting others talking. I’m happy to be eating fruits once more (I couldn’t on Atkins). When I feel like eating bread I buy Udi’s bread (Gluten-free), that brand is the best so far. I love the fact that many stores are starting to carry many gluten-free items, it make life easier.