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Yeah I totally hear ya my friend. I go through a half-litre bottle of Tobasco sauce every couple months. I have always been like that. In fact I remember taking a bet back in grade 8 or so (too many lost brain cells since to remember when exactly) that I couldn’t drink a shot glass full of Tobasco. Well I did and I paid for it dearly but I won the bet.

It’s funny ya mention the tuna sandwich cuz I can’t stand eating them plain either. What I do is keep a couple jalapeno peppers in the fridge. Mix the tuna with some light miracle whip, a tablespoon of green relish, couple slices of cheese, and half a diced jalapeno for some taste. Fire a little margarine on a couple pieces of bread and ya got yourself a grilled-cheese ‘n tuna sandwich with some balls! (sorry for the lingo) Yeah it’s not the “best” tasting sandwich in the world I will agree, but it’s sorta’ good for ya!

But I do think there is a definite link between the mental/physical stimulation from the “rush” of the spices. I’ve thought it for a long time actually. Bland foods = booooooorrrrrring and good luck trying to get me to eat it. I’m 33 years old now, and my parents for the past 20-ish years have always picked me up some sort of odd-ball insane hot sauce for my x-mas stocking. Coincidence? Nah, I don’t think so but then again I’m not a doctor.