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Re: ADD and holds grudges

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I hold the strongest grudges against the people in my life who have exploited my condition against me in someway. Its hard for a lot of people to understand how scaring it is. How deep the pain resonates within you when you don’t know the source. When you keep hitting one disaster after another and you can’t figure out why? It messes with you. At 34, I find out I am in possession of a condition that it is exploitable in so many ways. I know I’m talking dark side of the condition and I know that others are discoving this at older ages….and I know I am doing my best doggie paddle over to the light and more rewarding side of ADHD. But while in the dark, it seems to me that ADHD’ers are a little more susceptible to “being taken for rides” by others. And it’s often the unforeseen cost of a mis-adventure that ends up giving birth to the strongest grudges. Even though ADHD’ers let a lot of things slide I think it’s easy for ADHD’ers to build up and stew around in a few grudges.