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I need to post what I am doing and how I am dong it with my mairrage. I want to wallow in lonliness or just be alone sometimes. I have to be away from my wife. She graciously allows me a pass to do what I want be it fly away for a bit or go to the casino (this must sound familiar). I am not medicated yet but excited about it and healing. It is easy to lose that upbeat feeling if something skews my plans. To stay on the upbeat side I know that I am the problem first and foremost. The relationship is still intact right before my last ADD juiced thought. I am having feelings that are flowing in about everything, multi streams into my head. I must assemble in my head a movie of the good things in the relationship really quick, and make it funny to keep my attention. While I am doing that I have to concentrate on what I like and what makes me happy, maybe a visual cue such as a picture or a pic of an event that was good. Get a stream of your favorite cues going. Putting together those thoughts and organizing them also take precedence in your mind and the stream of good starts to flow for us ADD’ers. I think that keeping the good thought stream flowing is the hardest thing to do but if you do it once, then twice, then you can do it again. I got so excited typing this that I have to settle down and relax, have we all heard that before!?! I have found that telling my story and responding to others has been therapy in itself. A very Zen moment! A good stream of thought moment. Sure beats pills, drugs, alcohol, valium, all of the things that I thought i needed to stay level headed and relaxed. Self medication is what it is called now. It was just partying back when I was doing it. It made me feel normal at the time. By the way, if you don’t do it my way you won’t have success, Just Kidding!!!! USE ANY PART OF THIS AS WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT WITH DIFFERENT LEVELS OF THIS. USE WHAT WORKS OUT OF MY INFO. DON’T DWELL OR GO OFF IN ONE SOLO DIRECTION AS YOU MAY FEEL THE STRONG NEED TO DO. TRY TO OPEN YOUR TRAIN OF THINKING JUST A BIT AND LET IT FLOW! I HOPE THIS HELPS AT LEAST ONE PERSON, I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT IT SEEMS RIGHT.