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allan wallace
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Opps, sorry, I inadvertently hit the wrong key…

When I was 30 I recognised that unless some discipline came into my life I’d be dead, so I sincerely asked God to do something with me. I hoped that he would change me and give me some stability, but all that I encountered were dull hypocritical bores that were quick to judge and condemn. Of all the years of attending the full spectrum of churches I’ve met less than a dozen people who seem to live by the principles that they preach. I am just starting to go again, but as I have an inherent distrust of people I expect that I’ll be disappointed again, as I am reluctant to get to know people too well. I invariably offend people just by speaking my mind, and I find it impossible to pretend to like people if they are annoying, or boring me unto death. Yet, I shall continue with church as I hope that it can become a meaningful part of my life…