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allan wallace
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That’s interesting Robbo…one of the aspects of Christianity which I found to be perplexing was the ‘personal relationship’ testimonies that I kept hearing. When I gave this very issue much thought I conceded that I hadn’t had such a thing before, which led me to conclude that it was either a delusional state, or that I was too much of a reprobate for God! 😆

Whenever I have asked people to quantify what a ‘personal relationship with God’ means they generally either get vague, evasive, or downright defensive….meh, I dunno, if I had an absolute certainty that God exists then I daresay that I’d have a desire to convince as many people that I could of his veracity, and the material things of the world would be even less important to me than they already are, and I’ve never been one to covet the shiny trinkets of mammon…I hope that I haven’t offended any of you, but that’s just how I see things….for now anyway, who knows, maybe one day God will condescend to communicate directly with me. I just hope that if he does, and I proclaim the truth to whoever will listen, that I’m not carted off to a mental institution…. 😆