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Change the word…religon…to faith in a creator, one with a purpose All things on this earth are in balance, they are apart of the food chain, water cycle, seasons etc yet these things are designed to bring pleasure to humans. Butterflys don’t have to be so beautiful, neither do flowers to fufill their purpose……….This is such a big box…………..to open. Do you just go to the church your mom raised you in? Check the other ones out? or check out what the Bible says? Psalms 37:11 says the rightous will inherite the earth. Even the Lords prayer at Matthew 6:9…. talks about his will being done on earth as it is in heaven, His name to be santified….. What name Look at Palsms 83:18 look in the front of the book to look up who “Lord” represents . Sorry, this is a very serious issue, not to just sastify our ‘ church’ need but to make a serious consideration of what truth is. Truth be told, the bible does not teach that the dead go to hell, look at Eccl 9:5 it says “the living are conscious they will die,but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all”

no more from me………….

except this…………sorry …………….the only thing that it all stands on is ….Love……….for each other, neighbor, regardless of where they live(appologies to the waring ones) and this earth provided under our stewardship. I pray God stops this insanity before we destroy all.