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Re: ADD and religion

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Patte Rosebank
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My own sense of humour leans very much towards the British. I’ve developed quite a taste for BBC Radio comedy, and there’s so much of it about now, thanks to the iPlayer on the BBC website. I’ve collected many new and classic shows that way—most of which would be met with either blank stares or indignation in North America.

I just found another brilliantly written and performed BBC show, called “Bleak Expectations”—a parody of Dickens. Listening to it, I can tell that the cast is having way too much fun…as is the audience. If only I could have gone to one of the recordings! There are a few episodes from Series One on YouTube, and you can get all of the first 3 series on iTunes. There’s a 4th series (which I missed when it aired in December) due out on iTunes on Feb. 3rd.

(I could have sworn this thread was about ADD and religion. Funny how it got round to British comedy…)