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BRITISH COMEDY! is there any other kind? H-e-y! I have ADHD I can be different! Some of the Puritan style religious beliefs are deffinately alive and well in the US and I admit it it is hard to stomach at times I dare say that to me alot of American comedy reads out of a Fraudian psychology text book. Don’t get me wrong I am proud to be an American but I love parodies and we just are to repressed here to get any an exception to the rule is Garrason Keilor’s “A Priey Home Companion” which does a a great satire on American Values. Hey! hows this for going off topic.

My only point is being originally from Hawaii I wave learned that there are things that just can’t be explained; I except traditional Christian beliefs on the whole but I also reserve the right to play “devils advocate” when something seems contradictory; an important maxim I try to live by is best expresssed by the Greek phylosopher Socretes “Know thyself, the unexamined life is unfit to live…”