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I really don’t have the time to get hung-up on the “party line” when it comes to religion because it pushes my buttons, rather I focus my attention on building a sense of inner peace and well being which is my definition of “spirituality.” I do this in any way I can; as I ‘ve said earlier I look for “commonalities” things that positively brings people together, things are “seldomly what they appear to be” and there are things (in life) that just can’t be explained, justified maybe, but not necessarily explained.It is really hard at times, but I try to remember that other peoples belief systems don’t exsit to insult my senseabilities.

When I forget, I get caught up into my “rant and raves” and life becomes a living hell. I find whenever I do this sucessfully people around me are usually kinder towards me or if they are not it doesn’t bother me. Tthis helps me cope with ADHD, type I bi-polar disorder (rapid cycling- racing thoughts are subject to change from moment to moment, medications help emensely but if I don’t work on myself I can still end up in the hospital) as well as accute paanic disorder (I never know if or when an attack will happen but from what I am told it happens in cycles.Its like waiting for an earthquake to happen… no fun) Believe me; it is hard, very hard but worht the effort sinc the alternatives for me is losing control of my life and going into a “tailspin” fortunatelly I’ve been able to remain “self-aware” enough to keep “episodes” on the mild side.The more I work on myself, the greater my sucess has been for a longer length of time and the happier and more productive my life is….