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afer reading everyones insight into there owen view on relidgion, it would be great if all that pasion could be tured into doing something good for others. I think most ways of beleifs are bassed on princeiplulls 1) dealing with guilt 2)hoping for help 3)positive change over all. This list could change and grow forever, My point is if you use what you beleve to inprove your life or and the world around you great. if it gives you some peace or sence of fofilment great. if you try to leave the world abetter place than you found it ok . as long as what you say or do does not harm or trys to take what someone else beleves. if the world thinks it can do what it wants to do to some group or person in the name of what they beleve , thats pretty sad. the thought of some groups to say we are all right and the rest of world is lost or DAMMED or should be is not only sad but wrong. to think that a higher entity is somewhere looking at all this seeing the suffering and hate and sadness and great need and is ok with watching all this is not a power that is going to do what people beleve the outcome will beleve. how can anyone who has any level of any beleif and not care and what i mean by that is to try to fix what is seen , instead of adding to the problem . to beleve in any life after this one and not start to pay it forward in some way is sad and norrow minded. if we have to step on every one we meet to get a head . then the kind and caring people like the ones that come here and help so many of of us and from what I see are paying it forward. so again I say thanks. we have this life if we could pass on some kind of help or understanding . then if that some one would do the same a person would never be forgoten and have left thier permenent mark on the world. so if we think that some of the world is lost or we are just lucky or blessed. to then think we don’t have a part in making life better for some one in need, then who is really better off. thanks for allowing me to r ant.