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A fascinating discussion! I probably would have freaked out had I read it in college in 1981!

I’m an ADD on Adderall (switched this past November after3 years on Wellbutrin and 4 more on Effexor; wow, what a different perspective!) as well as having Asperger.

I grew up Catholic, and never really left–it seems the structure of liturgy soothes me tremendously and calms my Aspie anxieties. I’ve been to liturgies that did bore me to tears (one Good Friday, I was at a service entitled “Three Hours Agony”; trust me, the preaching lived up to the billing!), and I make note to avoid that parish if possible. I married a cradle Catholic (from a guilt-inducing, martyristic ADD/Asperger family of origin) who had “run away” several times, but kept finding herself returning–she realized her mind operated in a very “catholic” manner. From our experience, we believe it’s possible to be “orthodox” without being craven and servile. We both exercise a fiendish sense of humor (I call myself “a man of great piety, but little reverence”), and find that both our faith and our scientific training complement each other.

Stodgy religiosity can be overcome! Even Pope Benedict has noted that faith is less about teachings than it is about a relationship with God!