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I read through some of the responses. I would like to share my view.

I grew up Apostolic Pentecostal.. Back in the day, we would go to church at least five times a week: Tuesday night choir rehearsal, Wednesday night Bible study, Friday night service, Sunday School, Sunday Morning and Sunday Evening service. Service was at least 2 1/2 hours long a pop! Man I did I have problems as young person! I always felt like I wanted to get up, squirmed a lot. Even when trying to listen to the sermon, I often went to the twilight zone!.

Looking back on it all, me having ADHD made some of it intolerable. If you go by statistics that 5%-8% percent of the US population has ADHD, roughly 95% of the people I went to church with were not ADHD. Yet they had the same problems I did!! lol They squirmed in their seats from pure boredom, enduring sermons from long winded speakers. They got up and left just to get a break like everyone else. Yes, they too went to sleep right in service and fell captive to the sandman’s tune each and every Sunday Night!. And you tell me, what 8 your old kid could stay still sitting on a hard wood bench listening to monotone nerdy looking dude?

What I’m trying to say is that religion is is created by man, but Christianity and being Holy was given and instructed God. Man, in his attempts of trying to please God and be Holy, made some mistakes. Not premeditated, not malicious but with good will as their intent Having kids endure hours upon hours of deep bible discussions, going back to church on Sunday night exhausted, having the some old liturgy Sunday after Sunday with no passion and creativity, were all things recognized by most churches that were not good and needed to change. And because the church remained true to its original mission of spreading peace and good will towards men, most churches and denominations have changed.

In Today’s Christian church, no matter what denomination, you will find lots of singing, praise dancers and illustrated sermons, children s church and Teen Church, Dress Down Sunday and Themed Based Sunday’s like Veterans Day, Urban Wear Day, World Day showcasing the dress attire from many different countries. They have Sunday School for different ages with different topics and different types of settings, giving people a variety to choose from. There are many ministry and groups to participate in from Single Ministry to Book clubs and so on.

Just like we ADHDer’s were not aware of some of the things we were doing and why were were doing them, most of us finally said enough and searched for help. When we were educated an enlighten, we made the necessary changes. Even though we made mistakes in the past, most of us don’t feel regret, because those experiences from the past has made us what we are today.

I hate to see people have such narrow minded views when it comes to church. No church is perfect, but that doesn’t mean they are not good. Sure there were things that needed to change, and they have. But that doesn’t mean that churches didn’t provide help even in those un enlightened days. Yes there are some bad churches, but there’s plenty of good one too!

I’m thankful that I was in church with ADHD, because it was in church I was allowed to express myself freely and not be viewed as weird ( well not all the time lol). In church they teach you the importance of praying and meditating to keep your mend clear. Meditating is highly recommended by Mental Health professional for people like us. And it was in church that I learned however I was made, with disorders and without, God said it was good. So i grew up knowing I was someone and something. Mind you, I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and grew not knowing it! Yet I still feel I belonged!

I realize not everyone church experience was like mine,but I just want to let it be known that having ADHD, doesn’t give me or anyone else the right to then look into the world and begin to point fingers. People without ADHD have done some of the same things that ADDers have done and vice verse. So if we are told not to use ADHD as a crutch and a excuse, then the same should apply for everything else. Experiences in family, church, home, school, clubs, business organization are life experiences! Period!

Cause truth be told, the problem is not ADHD, OCD, MTV or church, or any of these things that people root cause as the issue. The real problem is within the heart of each man! And sense none of us are God, we cant truly know another persons heart. From the heart do nasty things like hate, lust, envy, pride flow. And also from it flows love, kindness, strength, peace and joy.

So I choose to accept what I am and what Ive done both good and bad, not blame family, church, society, school, government or even God for anything that has happened in my life. ADHD or not. We all have one thing in common… we are human!