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Hi gmanlive,

Heck man, there are dozens of my posts I wish I could remove on this site. In the long run. People will see the real me, as well as the changes in me. I hope you stick around and like the rest of us. Learn to give yourself a break. I bet lot’s of folks already like ya exactly as is.

It might be the hardest thing we will ever do. (give self a break)

Give self break.

Don’t break self, Be nice to self. Talk nice to self. “Self, you’re doing great!, I love you man!” (like that, see what I meen?) “Self, make me a samwich” etc. Do that okay?

Cool Bike! my first motor bike was a 80cc (or 90, can’t remember) Honda elite. I loved it!, Got up in the morn, make coffee, put in jar, take off for the river in only shorts gloves and helmet. Scooters are great cuz you can go barefoot if it’s just up the road a half mile or so… blah blah… yada yada

Religion is not a crime. Unfortunately people use all the crime done in the name of religion, by insane people! to never really look into spirituality. Much more positive than negative has happened due to religion. It’s just not interesting enough to be on the news. Huh?

Miracles do happen. All the time, I should be dead!. but nope :-)