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Re: ADD, clutter and “hoarding” stuff

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I get someone to help me clean. I’ve figured out that my difficulties with it are:

1) having to leave the room to throw rubbish out (even if I have a bin in there, I’ll have to do this eventually, usually before I’m done) which distracts me and interrupts the mental “zone” I was in

2) having a place for previously unsorted stuff, particularly if I still can’t pick a category for it

3) Getting overwhelmed by how much there is to do.

Often, I’ll try to throw out one thing while sorting another while trying to put something else in an unsorted pile and get overwhelmed. To deal with this, I get my fiance to help. He can’t really sort my stuff for me, but If I need to have something moved to a particular location I can ask him to do it, so I don’t get distracted by leaving the room or something like that. He’s also there to help with putting things in categories and that sort of thing.

It means I don’t reak out totally and it means that the place actually gets cleaned :-)