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I can tell you that a timer really works wonders if you 1)have trouble self-starting 2) feel overwhelmed. There are a few TotallyADD fans (like myself) who recommend http://www.FlyLady.net too.

She also suggests when you are going into a room to have 1)a garbage bag 2) a giveaway box 3)a put away basket, (doesn’t have to be the exact nouns-they can all be bags you just might not want to get them confused-imagining apple cores mixed with dirty socks) .

Then as you work the room, you stay in the room without wandering.

She has members on her facebook page playing decluttering games by picking six things on their to-do list and calling out numbers randomly to get them done and a new motto for 2011, “Just do seven, in 2011” which immediately calms down the overwhelmed, where to start, panic that is typical when I think about housework.

It sounds like your methods are working, I just wanted to share. Also your Fiance is a wonderful guy, congratulations!

Best wishes, Monika