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I have read several lists of ADHD friendly jobs and there are two that frequently appear which I find problematic. First, these lists usually contain something like “computers/software engineer.” This was extremely disheartening to see because I was looking at these list to get ideas of what I might be good at in order to get the h*ll out the software field. I love the challenge of writing computer programs (especially games) and fixing problems as well as the buzz I get off of learning new technology. However, working the software field is much different from studying it at school, or coding your own fun projects at home. In fact, a huge chunk of your time will be spent in the typical “boring meetings” (see Bill’s ADDventures). Additionally, most programming work is dull and extremely detail oriented. Needless to say, this was a profession in which I couldn’t be more than a train wreck, despite the fact that I am always working on something cool on the side.

Second, I often see an entry about being a pilot. This raises my eyebrow not because I disagree with it, but because the FAA has explicitly stated it considers ADD/ADHD to be incompatible with flight safety, and all the ADHD meds will disqualify you from getting the medical certificate you would need in this career. I would hate to see someone get their hopes up and spend their money on flying lessons only to hit an insurmountable bureaucratic wall.