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I’m a nurse practitioner.

what ADHD is good for: high energy and enthusiasm. constant curiosity. being open and easy to relate with. People enjoy my very non robotic nature, openness, and exuberance.

what it absolutely sucks for: paperwork, having to organize thoughts quickly, time-management, effective multitasking, any type of paper/desk/file organization, brief to the point conversations (I’ve had people walk away because I won’t stop talking because I’m interested in the topic), listening to people who talk at you without written directions/instructions (no one likes to be stared at blankly and then have you do the opposite), (I am more inattentive and an over-thinker so making decisions on the fly really sucks).

how I survive: I am lucky enough to hyperfocus reading medical educational topics so I know a lot of things (would be nice if I could choose the when..because 2am or when I am trying to do something else is annoying), I am so genuinely interested in my clients that I don’t lose focus on them (the rest of the world ceases to exist when I am with them…which can be good or bad depending on the day), I am determined so I will spend that 2 whole days to write a 5 page paper to get that ‘A’, I check over my work many many many times and write a ton of things down so I don’t make damaging mistakes <i have been accused of OCD, but I am realizing that I check things by necessity>,

conclusion: I got through school pretty smoothly by working only sporadically and spending endless time on just school (no husband, kids, had a college fund). I love what I do and think that I do belong here, but the symptoms are impairing enough that I need to be treated or I can’t sustain this.

what was my point again??? lol