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@laddybug3 I was a cook before I was a nurse. A front line cook.. I LOVED it! Very fast paced, having 1 million things going on at once. At our restaurant we had customers lining up at the door before it opened and often had to flip the restaurant 2-3 times per night. Always on my toes! Such a rush! The only place I was organized was amongst that chaos! I would just take charge, over the head chef (who was very unorganized) and the owner. I did it respectfully. I was the queen of the kitchen hahahaha

Another job (actually.. I luckily have been good at all the jobs I have been to. Normally stay at a job for a year, get antsy and move on) that I was good at and loved was being a receptionist. I got to talk to people all day long, on the phone in person, I took in all the complaints and did my moms “dirty work”. She was the manager and didn’t like to confront people about following the rules, so I would go out and lay them down. If they didnt like it, they could leave. Them calling me nasty names was nothing to me. In that job at times the front desk would be flooded with people needing help and I would multitask them all on my own. I would be checking in 3 different people while selling ice cream and fire wood. One lady commented on how she needed someone like me where she was! hahaha