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Re: ADD, rage and cross cultural parenting

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Thao – if you daughter has a high IQ then her performance in school may initially be quite good and mask any difficulties she may be having due to undiagnosed ADD. In my case, I managed to do average work despite ADD because of my IQ, even though I hardly applied myself. I was able to get by or even excell in my classes. In college, like high school, I still managed to get by OK most of the time.

I see now that I should have done much better in college, and high school for that matter, than I did. My performance was far below my potential and has been throughout my life.

The point is that just because you daughter is doing OK doesn’t mean that she is not having problems or won’t in the future. I suggest you keep in tune with your daughter and be sure that she is not having difficulties in performing up to her potential both now and in the future.